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LED Rhythm Lights

LED Rhythm Lights

Experience the LED Rhythm Lights, featuring LED music spectrum rhythm lights, voice sensor technology, and 1624 RGB atmosphere level indicator with a clock display. The advanced V6.65 software ensures a beautiful light show with the perfect atmosphere for any event.

With this colorful and fun-led music Spectrum rhythm lights voice sensor 1624 RGB atmosphere level indicator with clock display V6.65, children can enjoy its seven kinds of melodies and colorful patterns. It comes with a built-in clock display and two-way alarm, thus it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as telling time, playing music, telling the time of day, displaying the current weather conditions, and so on. It is helpful for parents who want to know about the kids' activities at home or at the outside and can also keep the kids busy with singing and dancing. It can be used in the classroom or at home, it shows a colorful pattern and light and can be used to help children learn nursery rhymes or sing songs.

Connection method

Connect the USB cable to the 5V power supply and use a mobile phone charger or a USB power supply device. When the power is turned on, the screen displays the version number such as V6.59, and then goes out.

As long as there is sound in the voice control, it will jump to it. If you need to use the audio cable to control, insert the audio cable into the headphone jack, and it will automatically switch to the wire control mode.

When using voice control, try to be as close to the speaker as possible, the sound sensor is on the back of the spectrum, and there should be no obstructions between the sensor and the speaker.

When using voice control, external noise or speech sound will be received and displayed by the spectrum.

The sensitivity of the sound can be controlled by adjusting the volume of the sound and can also be changed by setting the sensitivity.


  • Model: CAI-256
  • Version V6.65
  • Display mode: 16 columns, 24 rows, a total of 384 RGB LEDs
  • Product size:21.8cmx2.8cmx7.2cm
  • Net weight: 190g
  • Power supply mode: USB power supply(0.9mcable)can be powered by a 5V mobile phone charger; no charging function.
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Working current: 600mA
  • Control method: voice control or 3.5mm audio cable control, automatic switching, no audio cable is inserted, it is sound control, plug in the audio cable and automatically switch to audio cable control.
  • Main functions: 20 display modes, 7 total color modes, 8 brightness settings, 4-time display modes, 1 breathing display mode, and 3 alarm clock functions.

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Customer Reviews

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Lydia Muller

Cool thing, sorry not all the audible range is unfolding

Johnson Koss

The thing is interesting, but you need to understand

Mohamed Lynch

Very high quality led and pretty colors

Tamia Tillman

The product is visually very beautiful. Visual everything is true. I liked it very much.

Noe Von

Excellent purchase everything right. Obs. This spectrum works only in a channel but the results very beautiful Cale being. Arrived fast.

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