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Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow

Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow

The Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow is the perfect companion for flights, road trips, or any other form of travel. Its soft and comfortable design allows for comfortable sleeping on your stomach. It also doubles as a seat cushion or sofa pillow. Enjoy (your) travels in comfort with the Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow.

This Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow provides superior comfort for long trips. Its ergonomic design contours to the back of your neck, providing support that is not overly stiff or too flexible. Perfect for a comfortable sleeping experience on the go.

The Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow offers comfortable support on long journeys, thanks to its 37 X 33 X 26cm size and durable construction. Its lightweight design makes it easy to take along on any kind of trip. Enjoy optimal comfort and rest with this high-quality travel pillow.


  • Size: 37 X 33 X 26cm

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Flower Sleeping Travel Pillow

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