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Crochet Hair Scarf Hairband

Crochet Hair Scarf Hairband

This crochet hair scarf hairband offers vintage style with a classic pattern and adjustable, non-slip band. Its elastic design ensures a snug fit for any head circumference, while its sturdy construction helps secure your hair in place.

Our Crochet Hair Scarf Hairband is a stylish and comfortable accessory for any occasion. Crafted from a soft, breathable and elastic fabric, it provides a secure fit that won't slip off. Perfect for everyday wear or festive occasions, this hairband can easily complete your look.

Our Crochet Hair Scarf Hairband is the perfect solution to effortlessly add style to any hairstyle. The convenient design lets you easily slip the elastic part of the head scarf onto the back of your head before securing the hairpin in place. Make a chic statement with this simple yet stylish hair accessory and stand out in the crowd.


  • Material: Acrylic Fibres
  • Recommended Head Circumference: 50-60cm/ 19.68-23.62in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristy Eichmann

Very beautiful and fine cotton hairband! The quality is high, and the service was perfect ! Thanks !

Allan Boyer

Helemaal top

Francis Windler

생각보다 부드럽고 완성도도 나쁘지않으며 색상도 사진에서 보는 것과 비슷함. 어른이 하기에 아주약간 작은느낌은 있으나 못할정도는 아님 (진한색이 어른, 옅은색이 3살) 배송은 총 한달걸림

Felton Hessel

생각보다 부드럽고 완성도도 나쁘지않으며 색상도 사진에서 보는 것과 비슷함. (진한색이 어른, 옅은색이 3살)

Taylor Altenwerth

love it

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